A Message

Of late, we have come across innumerable instances of information snippets from the timeline of True Indology being copied and pushed across various platforms,  for creating and raising sensationalism and commercial gains.

Neither do these Pages, Handles, or Websites ever acknowledge their source (True Indology ), nor do they care to publish the actual scholarly sources that every tweet on True Indology timeline necessarily carries.

On top of that, there seems to be a tendency to not present facts as they are. Instead, information is pushed as either plain images without proper context or with the addition of unwanted rhetoric. Thus, instead of contributing towards information spread, their efforts, well meaning or otherwise, are actually coming across as a divisive pitch.


This distasteful distortion of our message and unwanted hyperbole completely defeats the purpose of our mission.

Unless they desist from continuing with the same, we might need to use measures to identify such sites/handles.

Instead of copying content without permission and context, these websites, handles and pages could have simply asked us, engaged with us to dig deeper and present a factual picture without any hype.

We want to make it absolutely clear that True Indology stands for creating and raising awareness about India’s past – warts and all, without fear or favour, bias or prejudice. Any idea, individual or institution trying to vitiate our message is actually doing a  disservice to the cause of awareness. The idea is to ensure that all citizens understand what the nation has gone through, by confronting facts and not by continuing in oblivion.

Truth is the first step to reconciliation. Without facing the truth, there can never be honest reconciliation and we believe in complete  truth and honest reconciliation for lasting peace, based on acceptance, in our glorious nation.