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Play to listen   Partition of the Motherland Purely on religious divide With contrition AWOL You took it in your stride   What happened In the land of 5 rivers Down your spine Did not send any shivers   In the Valley of the Rishis Rapes, killings, plunder You dismissed it nonchalantly As a political […]

Play to listen Book on The Parliamentary System Took on Missionaries in India Showed who were Harvesting Our Souls Rode into The World of Fatwas or the Sharia in Action Recounted Hindu Temples – What Happened to Them Documented The Ayodhya Reference Pondered on A Secular Agenda: For Saving Our Country Wondered Where Will All […]

Rama of Ayodhya Play to listen In the land where Rama pervades Moh, Lobh, Krodh and Kaam We are asked to prove the existence of our beloved Sri Ram   In the land where Rama has a Navmi and Janam Bhoomi We are asked to prove the existence of our beloved Sri Ram   In […]

You plundered my Temple You ravaged my Heritage Wringing my hands in helplessness I fumed in burning outrage You preyed on my culture You clawed away my pride Blinded in Universalness I took it in my stride Do not feel emboldened To spew venom with ease I will annihilate vile wickedness Unless you come in true love and peace […]

To cover the wounds of FGM People with know-it-all Wisdom Squelched the voices seeking Liberation Declared cries for justice as Venom Herded the other half  into Purdahdom   Impressed with this ‘no Rhyme no Reason’ The Fairer ones from Kingdom Come Swaddled themselves into Black Spun   And that’s how they cheered for all as One Welcome to […]

The words of reassurance Ostensibly redressing our grievance ‘Don’t be afraid’ Our own Hand Can be claimed by the party grand What a solemn Stand A glance cursory Into the brittle mirror of memory Unveils a History not temporary The Independence Mission, Morphed into Partition The Secular State, where the Majority rues its fate The […]

Since I follow the Lunar Calendar, there is still time for the New Year as far as I am concerned. In the glocal world where everyone makes merry and rejoices on this event, every 12 months, here’s my take on how we can make the annual jamboree more meaningful. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we ushered […]

As I write To right History’s slight I get a call And we make talk small   Me and my bro Celebrity so-and-so Troubled by deceit Says the world is not so neat   Being nice is no good

India Is An Intolerant Country Play to listen India is an Intolerant country where one can talk about beating Rama with slippers and then mock Ramayana through mythification India is an Intolerant country where one can castigate Krishna as a bad father and then mock the highlighting of malafide intention

Today is the birthday of one of my favourite people in the world! It might seem strange that I count among my favourite people a man who I never met in person but that’s the way it is! He is one person about whom one can say with certainty that his life was his message! […]

The inspiration for this heavily inspired rhyme  came from one of the sane voices from Kashmir – the voice that wants lasting peace and knows that the current situation in Kashmir is not what the ‘alleged’ Freedom fighters are claiming it to be. His last name being the same as the Hindi/Sanskrit word for Voice makes it […]