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These posts include my non-fiction writing (articles, musings, commentary etc) and are an expression of my view, opinion, reflection, thought about a topic from everyday life and more.


A Note To The Breaking India NO IQ Dhongis of IINC

It was one of those days… When the unfolding of certain events makes you wonder about the blur between the real and the virtual. When you witness the same old subtle threats of real life being...


A Message

Of late, we have come across innumerable instances of information snippets from the timeline of True Indology being copied and pushed across various platforms,  for creating and raising sensationalism and commercial gains. Neither do these...


Live And Let Live…… As Indians!

As a persecuted member of a minority community that is not even considered a minority and consequently, has never been taken cognisance of, by the chest-beating, human rights citing Liberals, when I see the...


Second Life

17/1/17 . For me, this date has a ring to it – both Ominous and Divine! On the evening of 17th Jan 2017, a biker rammed into me after breaking a major (junction) signal in the presence of...


Massacre Of Hindus in Kashmir

Last year, I wrote a letter after an online interaction with a very young Kashmiri from the majority community. I wrote it in all sincerity, for, it pained me to find a young and obviously bright...


Hakikat of Basant Panchami

This Basant Panchami, as we pray to the Goddess of Learning, it is noteworthy to learn about the teenaged Khatri boy Hakikat Rai Puri of Sialkot who was beheaded by a benevolent Maulvi on...