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It was one of those days… When the unfolding of certain events makes you wonder about the blur between the real and the virtual. When you witness the same old subtle threats of real life being extended in the virtual world. When the gang of “Intellectual yet Idiot” members  who believe that they have some supernatural powers […]

Of late, we have come across innumerable instances of information snippets from the timeline of True Indology being copied and pushed across various platforms,  for creating and raising sensationalism and commercial gains. Neither do these Pages, Handles, or Websites ever acknowledge their source (True Indology ), nor do they care to publish the actual scholarly sources that […]

8 yrs old Saffie Rose Roussos is no more. Is she someone important, you wonder? Yes, absolutely. For her parents, friends and family as long as she was alive. And more so, now, for the many milestones she did not live to see. This child left for her heavenly abode in such an untimely manner, […]

As a persecuted member of a minority community that is not even considered a minority and consequently, has never been taken cognisance of, by the chest-beating, human rights citing Liberals, when I see the state of MSM i.e., ‘media-sanctioned minorities’  in India ,I wonder what are people even talking about! Media sanctioned minorities are the […]

रामचंद्र और कलियुग Last October, I started tweeting on topical issues through sound bytes from Bhagwan Ram’s conversation with Mata Sita. This post (Ramchandra And Kaliyug) attempts to compile all that has been communicated, till date. On Rahul Gandhi’s visit to temples in Gujarat aimed at countering BJP & RSS On the hypocrisy of MSM On […]

17/1/17 . For me, this date has a ring to it – both Ominous and Divine! On the evening of 17th Jan 2017, a biker rammed into me after breaking a major (junction) signal in the presence of 2 traffic constables and a functional CCTV camera! He did not just break the signal, for, I ended up with a […]

Last year, I wrote a letter after an online interaction with a very young Kashmiri from the majority community. I wrote it in all sincerity, for, it pained me to find a young and obviously bright Kashmiri having no idea about the History of Kashmir. The letter was read by a lot of people and many of […]

This Basant Panchami, as we pray to the Goddess of Learning, it is noteworthy to learn about the teenaged Khatri boy Hakikat Rai Puri of Sialkot who was beheaded by a benevolent Maulvi on this very day in 1732! This brave and highly intelligent son of Lala Bhagmal Rai Puri and Kora Devi was born […]

Of late, eminent intellectuals, perfumed or otherwise, have been raising a stink about how as a society we should be ashamed of the many things we do. Their infinite wisdom manages to open our eyes (though, more often the third one)! We concur wholeheartedly with them , for,  as a society we should be ashamed […]

In the last fortnight, ‘Demonetisation’ has parachuted into our lives to such an extent that even yours truly, a “person on the street”, was impacted enough to pen a poem and a satire! Thanks to “forwarded as received” WhatsApp messages, most of India seem to know more about Demonetisation than the Prime Minister himself! There […]

Play to listen LOST WISDOM OF THE SWASTIKA By Ajay Chaturvedi A Book of Wisdom for the Wise and the Otherwise! Earlier this year , I chanced upon the timeline of an alleged scholar who arrogantly proclaimed Swastika to mean all things Nazi and hence something reprehensible! My reaction might not have been so impulsive […]