Not In My Name

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Partition of the Motherland

Purely on religious divide

With contrition AWOL

You took it in your stride


What happened

In the land of 5 rivers

Down your spine

Did not send any shivers


In the Valley of the Rishis

Rapes, killings, plunder

You dismissed it nonchalantly

As a political blunder


Men, women and children

In a train were burnt

Your  witch hunt ensured

That the truth wasn’t learnt


Music of Rabindra Sangeet

Replaced by jehadi bombs

You looked elsewhere

Twiddling your thumbs


Lal Salaam in Adi Sankara’s abode

Through Hindu Blood

Yet not even a crocodile tear

Did you shed


Any crime – petty or big

A pawn to win

Your biased solidarity

Can be heard above the din


You need not look outside

To find what’s wrong

Just pause and reflect

On what you have peddled for so long


These old tricks  of yours

Evoke contempt and disdain

Ignorant or Errant

You are all the same

Indic hating , guilt tripping

Imported campaign

Propped by the enemy

Through money or fame

Won’t work anymore

Not in my name

– @dimple_kaul