A Note To The Breaking India NO IQ Dhongis of IINC

It was one of those days…

  • When the unfolding of certain events makes you wonder about the blur between the real and the virtual.
  • When you witness the same old subtle threats of real life being extended in the virtual world.
  • When the gang of “Intellectual yet Idiot” members  who believe that they have some supernatural powers to read our mind and hence label all our words and actions using their limited mental vocabulary.
  • When you witness the surreal scenario of people, who brand others as Trolls, Bigots, Sanghis, Hypernationalists and scoff at anything Hindu through overt and covert, subtle and solid ways, pontificating about  nationalism and their concern for their country.
  • When the Atheists of convenience suddenly forget their charade and come out in their  real Hindu Hating vigour.
  • When friends of the court, the Durbaris and their Ji Huzoors, peddling History scooped from Wikipedia, dismiss source (human and documented) based History as Whatsapp History.
  • When you see the IINC (Indians In Name Cabal) getting so rattled that they snoop on you and violate your privacy, without realising that they have crossed firmly over to the Illegal territory.
  • When you realise that the platform that claims to be safe has been breached by these apologists who would rather have Indians live in distrust and dismay than in lasting peace built on awareness, appreciation and reconciliation.
  • When you realise that their nonchalance, in committing and proclaiming a crime, could stem from their friends who will be there to bail them out when law catches up.
  • When their threats  dismay and amuse you, for, you realise that they are the ones running scared. Scared of the truth.

It really was was one of those days when I came across a piece penned by an Eminent individual, who had requested the President of India to consider Yakub Memon’s mercy plea. An article, that was being feted by a plethora of people, from the  IINC (Indians In Name cabal), whose conduct makes me refer to them as NO IQ Dhongis,  where IQ stands both for their Intelligence and Indic Quotient.

These NO IQ (Indic Quotient) Dhongis of IINC with their Bachelors in Scepticism, Masters in Cynicism and Doctorate in Opportunism, detest all things Indic.

Armed with fancy degrees and equipped with a misplaced sense of self-importance, they seem to believe that some divine decree makes their worldview, their opinions and only their lives matter. And that, somehow, they more qualified to speak about and for us. This, despite the fact that they are as  far removed from ground zero as one Youth icon is from common sense.

These NO IQ (Indic Quotient) Dhongis of IINC ride pillion with the self-attested elites. These self-declared intellectuals and have no truck with real India, which they keep denouncing, putting down and looking down upon, with rigorous zeal.

So on an even day, they cry hoarse about anti-Romeo squad, hurt by the supposed affront to Shakespeare, little realising that Roadside Romeo has a negative connotation not only in an Indian’s mind but also in the English language. And on an odd day, they lambast the government for a Taharrush like incident.

What they say is supposed to be the Gospel truth even if they have no clue about facts. India is gradually waking up to the shenanigans of these scholars from the “Chit Bhi Meri, Patt Bhi Meri” School of Intellectualism. And India is surely amused by the antics of these pillion riders, who make millions simply by scoring us low on their flawed, self-conceived Idea of India grading scale.

Social Media has revealed their faces and agendas.

If a common citizen writes about Secularism and the unabated Political Pandering to Minorities, puts forth concerns about the growing Islamic fundamentalism that is a clear and present threat to global peace, or throws light on Indic History that the NO IQ Dhongis of IINC never want us to know, they brand him as a Bhakt or a Bigot in their echo chambers of howling hyenas. Sharing the truth about the past is akin to spreading hate in their twisted world of hate and contempt for the Indic Civilisation.

Perhaps, their stunted worldview has no scope for appreciating the fact that truth, awareness, acceptance are the key ingredients for reconciliation. Or could it be that reconciliation, peace, brotherhood, unity and mutual respect, among people of Indic origin, across artificial divisions or barriers, does not serve their selfish purpose?These  NO IQ Dhongis of IINC have their own axe to grind and they are visibily delighted to sharpen it on the bonds of our shared Indic heritage.

They don’t want the Hindu, Muslim and Christian Indians to know about our common, tragic past where our ancestors were persuaded or persecuted to accept a foreign faith. They don’t want us to heal as a whole. It suits them to keep resentment festering in Hindus and ignorance rampant in the rest, to the extent that our brethren from other faiths venerate the very people who tortured their valiant forefathers in the past. It is ironic to see them call others bigots only for raising and spreading awareness about facts that they and their ilk have conveniently hidden to serve their vested interests. And it is hurtful to find supposedly educated Indians, who can’t be bothered to distinguish pluralism from secularism, fall for the clever spin from these  NO IQ Dhongis of IINC. They inadvertently act as their blindfolded, intellectual minions by handing out labels like Bigots and Hate Mongerers to fellow Indians.

For the NO IQ Dhongis of IINC, any reference to Inquisition and Persecution by marauders in the past, somehow becomes an act against the followers of their faith in today’s India. Recounting the horrors of the past does not mean blaming the present.Any such insinuation or assertion by the NO IQ Dhongis of IINC is appalling, to say the least.

It is quite alright if Love and Peace is the declared credo of the people of these faiths in this day and age.Why would anyone hold anything against that any belief which the followers believe, teaches them to spread love and peace? Who in his right mind would not want love and peace to be the mainstay of the Indic society? A society, where we practice our faith and respect that of the rest , without making any attempts to convert through overt or covert means.

But in the one-dimensional, self-serving world of the NO IQ Dhongis of IINC, a mere recapitulation of documented truth triggers uncalled for abuses. They will have us believe that any mention of the atrocities inflicted by the Islamists and Missionaries on our Hindu ancestors, the ancestors of ALL Indians, in the past, is akin to insulting our fellow Indians who believe in these faiths and mongering hate against them. It is NOT!

Rather than brushing it all under the carpet, we need to express our angst and grief and horror as one. We need to pay homage to those souls as one. We need to unabashedly share what is sacred to us so that Indians don’t inadvertently hurt each others’ sentiments.

The COW is holy to the Hindus. Our past is replete with instances where Hindus have gone to unforeseen lengths to save the Cow. The journey down the memory lane has many a milestones and stops that remind us about how fundamentalists would kill the Cow to spite us. We can, in all honesty and in good faith, share this with our fellow citizens  and sensitise them to our belief.

Having gone to great lengths to maintain peace and harmony, even to the extent of witnessing the Partition of our motherland, we hardly need anyone to issue certificate of tolerance or pluralism to us.

The NO IQ Dhongis of IINC don’t want any dialog or transparent sharing of thoughts among Indians. They detest Hindu Indians, Muslim Indians, Sikh Indians, Christian Indians, Jain Indians and Indians of other sects, faiths and religions.They would rather have us remain as Indian Muslims, Indian Christians – anything to erase our primary Indic identity.

They encourage Muslims to embrace Arab culture as against Indic culture. Similar encouragement for division seems to flow for other faiths too. They keep fomenting trouble through exhortation for denouncing everything Indic as Hindu and hence not sanctioned by  their religion. In their hate for everything Indic, they can stoop to such levels as to see Freedom of Expression in any insult to the National Anthem, in the refusal to sing the National Song and in Chanting cries for Breaking India.

They don’t mind lighting the pyre of centuries old Indic traditions, simply to keep their home fires burning. Anything to fuel their agenda. These NO IQ Dhongis of IINC, with negative EQ and SQ are present across fields – Journalism, Law, Literature and what have you. Easily recognised by their disdain for all things Indic, and eagerness to prop up one group against another, they leave no stone unturned to paint an ugly picture of India and Indians at every opportunity.Their supposed plain speak is largely an exercise in covering up or monkey balancing to appear neutral.

So you’ve a plethora of NO IQ Dhongis of IINC, masquerading as atheists, pretending to champion minorities, and busy dissing Hindus and Hinduism. If you ever see them remotely censuring the minorities, you will invariably find them equating a ‘criminal act’ by anyone from the majority, even though widely denounced by Hindus themselves, with acts of Terrorism.

They are the ones who brand a murder triggered by fury at the loss of source of income through brazen daylight robbery, without law coming to the rescue, as Cow Vigilantism, without even bothering to find out the details. They are the ones who paint any crime as Cow vigilantism, little realising the absurdity of this branding and the obvious bias in equating a criminal act with the global menace of Islamist Terrorism. Murder is reprehensible and always condemned, even if it is in a fit of rage or desperation. But using such instances to portray Hindus as terrorists is slanderous.

These NO IQ Dhongis of IINC, lose no opportunity to do it. Their repeated insistence on equating ISIS with the criminals who indulge in violence, viz., smuggling of cow acts, is indicative of their complicity. We can’t say if these NO IQ Dhongis of IINC defend the enemy wilfully or otherwise, but we do know that they do their best to spread falsehood. Haven’t they had the world believe that Indians are dying of hunger in intolerant India due to beef ban?

These Atheists of Convenience have no qualms about trampling upon the sentiments of Hindus.They really do not care for the minorities, either. Ever seen them raise awareness about the threat that Pakistan poses and why we must wake up and smell the coffee? Ever read any posts from these rent-a-pen columnists  on why any people to people contact with the enemy is just so bizarre? Ever seen them conduct interviews or talk about why NO INDIAN, as of now, can afford to look at Pakistan as a friend? Do they ever advocate that there is nothing unnatural in ‘being an Indian’ preceding our ‘being a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain or an Atheist’?

All they seem to care about is their own glory, fame and wealth – even at the cost of our civilisation. The civilisation that is our joint inheritance.

This is why the latest post, on one of those days, by an Eminent Atheist intellectual, feted by a multitude of NO IQ Dhongis of IINC ,left me amused, not impressed.

And before they throw Gau Mutra and other supposed slurs at me, I would urge them to read what a proud Hindu, Rashtrabhakt,with a firm belief in the unity in our glorious diversity truly believes in.