It could have But not rolled Was meant to be free Even if no bird It was there Neither out of sorrow Nor on account of An unseen tomorrow It came out To bring to surface What an overwhelmed Heart clearly says Somehow in grief It brought me cheer Welling up in my eyes A […]

Accept the fact that howsoever convincing heed not others but your heart Accept the fact that howsoever near you shall soon be apart Accept the fact that howsoever alive you have but to depart But know it for sure the fact that whatsoever the end there will always be a fresh start -@dimple_kaul

Why get melancholic And depressed By seeing miseries Encountering the oppressed “After all life is fun!” As they always say Why get nostalgic And indulgent By having reminiscence Of a past effulgent “After all Life is fun!” As they always say -@dimple_kaul

When your world in gloom is encompassed When by waves of hardship you are tossed When the pain is too much to bear When words of solace you long to hear When the goal seems much too far When you start doubting who you are When turmoil seems to blur your vision When darkness covers […]

What hurts more? The departure of people close to you or the fact that their lives were cut halfway through What hurts more? Your infinite feelings of loving people to death or that they had no knowledge of it till their last breath What hurts more? The tears that your eyes can shed no more […]

On this day today, we are groping in darkness The light has gone, leaving us in emotional wilderness Though the mind’s eye can conjure, your cheerful face Absence of your physical form, offers no solace How one longs to have gifted you, the gift of life Yearning to bring you back, but death’s mercy is not rife From your heavenly perch, […]

He wanders lonely among the crowd Seemingly mediocre, to the hilt And wonders if his application for the job Was on his part, an overkill? Knowing brevity is the soul of wit He keeps his jokes, really brief Ensuing incredulous, grins-of-a-twit Make him want to cry, in grief! So he hangs around with the best […]

Grotesqueness and beauty The right in duty Is what life’s all about   Sadness and laughter The strength that comes after Is what life’s all about   Friends and foes Vigour imparted by woes Is what life’s all about   Calmness and turbulence A quiet reverberance Is what life’s all about   Pleasure and Pain […]

The clammed up grief, clamours for vent Into compassionate attention More often than not,it just self-heals For lack of such culmination This holds true, for all of us With unflinching certainty And then sometimes, catharsis comes O! The miracles of divinity I yearned to go to the Maha Kumbh To be one with the ONE […]