अयोध्या के राम


Citizen of the free world;believe in living and letting live, for, to each his own! Love expressing myself through words....

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  1. Sachin Arora says:

    Excellent poem though….sunday morning is best time to read again in calm nd comment

  2. Sachin Arora says:

    Ram is not just a lord from so called hindu mythology but an ideal person whom the world should follow for a ‘RAM RAJYA’, which is nothing but the reign of idealism, humanity, resilience, patience, purity, sincerity and all other virtues which even involve ‘tyaag’ for truth. He as u mentioned was not only god of hindus but worshipped by all in one way or other. Every religion lays a guideline of a perfect human being; THAT’S RAM.
    But characters like manthra, kaikayi, dhobi clan co- exist with his legacy..so r the current mayhem ppl who r questioning…

  3. Chandrahas says:

    Jai Shri Ram!!
    saras chhe!! Lakhta raho.

  4. Alka Agarwal says:

    अति सुंदर, मन प्रसन्न ही गया ।
    राममय देश के राममय परंतु अनभिज्ञ नागरिको को झंझोड़ देने वाली कविता।
    ऐसे ही लिखती रहें।
    जय श्री राम।

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