No Peace, Only Pieces – The Sufi Mission in Kashmir!


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  1. J p sharma says:

    Great work with all references.Islam in any form only destroyed Hinduism.

  2. Subbu Jois says:

    Great work documenting all this

  3. Akhilesh says:

    Getting great insight of the level of brutality, this land and it’s people faced and amazed that it had no kings or system to get protected. What a spineless society it was. What a marvelous piece of architecture and culture, the land of kashmir had.
    Appreciate your patience to bring out the reality and thoroughness with the subject you have.

  4. Hemant Jha says:

    This is an Eye-opener. I believed Sufis are kind-hearted breed. Please provide this information in Hindi also to enlighten the masses.

  5. kapil v says:

    Great collection and articles. You are in ur zone now 🙂

  6. Magizhmaran says:

    Hi … Very dedicated research. Good effort. Update for the continuation through Twitter.

  7. a hindu says:

    a very informative article which contains so much facts , which i have not seen at any other place. may i suggest some points :-
    1. add political situation of kashmir of that time. may be a brief history of islamic rule in kashmir till this time can be added.
    2. you can also add references, if you want.
    3. reduce the length of article & send it for publication. this information need to be widely publicised.

    • Dimple says:

      Namaste!We value and appreciate your inputs. This is post 1 of the series.
      We have a LOT to share on this aspect of Kashmir and more. Hence, the series.
      With enough reader interest, there could be a book, as well.

  8. Sudha Rani says:

    A source of valuable information on the atocities of the past. Many countries would keep even these broken pillars as heritage monuments, if they could not afford to revive them. The impudence and arrogance of a recent namegiving is testimony to the fact that there are people who want to glorify this past and atrocities that happened.

    • Dimple says:

      Indeed! It is this ignorance that needs to be removed.We firmly believe that we need to build lasting peace but not on the grave of truth!We need to learn from the past to create a peaceful present & future. Falsifying or ignoring history can never help us. Peace requires acceptance and mutual respect and for that awareness is the first step!

  9. Shailesh says:

    Prime example of immense capacity of Indians for self loath and pity. I say why keep even this dilapitated structures and keep reminding self of a conquered and enslaved past. Destroy these irrelevant structures to ground and let people move ahead confidently and with precaution with this being made part of normal history lesson..

  10. Ramesha Natarajan says:

    Every individual in the country should know of these incidences.

  11. Ramesha Natarajan says:

    Excellent compilation. An eye opener to all the Hindus and the pseudo-seculars

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