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Hum Dekhenge Play to listen हम देखेंगे के अब कोई ना देखेगा वह ज़ुल्म जिहाद का ज़लज़ला जिसका तुमको अब भी है गुमाँ अब के कोई ना देखेगा इस बार तो हम यह देखेंगे हम देखेंगे के अब कोई ना देखेगा वह दिन जब दीन हुआ हावी हैवानियत की उडी आंधी सेहरा से सूखी रूह […]

Play to listen पाक का नापाक इरादा सहा आजतक, हद से ज़्यादा   उड़ गया सब्र का परिंदा बहुत हो गई कड़ी निंदा   शत्रु बाहरवाला हो, या आस्तीन का साँप देश है एकजुट, ख़तरा लिया है हमने भाँप   दुश्मन से जिसे अमन की आशा, खुद के मुल्क से गार काफूर हुए वो दिन, […]

If you haven’t followed this series from the beginning, you might want to read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 first. 6th of August 2016 When the last post of this series got published towards the end of a busy Monday, I was reeling from the remnants of a weekend fever (literal not figurative). […]

As we celebrate an important भारत पर्व, Bharat Ma reminds her children that she loves them equally and trusts them to Remember, Respect and Revive what she stands for! The following lines are Bharat Mata wishing her children the Independence to create a new Republic!  राम रहीम रणवीर रयान, हैं मेरी संतान मैने सबको पाला पोसा, फूँके सबमें […]

Introduction I love to read. Be it books, magazines, just the written word – across subjects. No author has ever been inferior and no book so bland as to not merit (at least) a quick skim through. Michael Garrett Marino once said that a love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak and I […]

शारदा के प्रथम पुजारी हैं आज हैरान ऐसा कलयुग आया भाई कंठ में आ गये प्राण कंठ में आ गये प्राण जानकर

Recently a venerable Minister, after solving all the difficulties that women and children face offline (in the real world), came out with an excellent initiative to replicate her solution online (#IAmTrolledHelp). Close on the heels of that incident, our soldiers, braving all odds, gave us another reason to thank them. And then the cheer people (of all […]

Continued from here May 8th 2016 #BharatMataKiJai The last post in this series appeared ages ago! On the Republic Day, to be exact! This, despite me promising to keep things coming at regular intervals. What do I say in my defence? I was completely caught up in the wedding celebration of my dearest cousin in […]