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Play to listen Book on The Parliamentary System Took on Missionaries in India Showed who were Harvesting Our Souls Rode into The World of Fatwas or the Sharia in Action Recounted Hindu Temples – What Happened to Them Documented The Ayodhya Reference Pondered on A Secular Agenda: For Saving Our Country Wondered Where Will All […]

The words of reassurance Ostensibly redressing our grievance ‘Don’t be afraid’ Our own Hand Can be claimed by the party grand What a solemn Stand A glance cursory Into the brittle mirror of memory Unveils a History not temporary The Independence Mission, Morphed into Partition The Secular State, where the Majority rues its fate The […]

As I write To right History’s slight I get a call And we make talk small   Me and my bro Celebrity so-and-so Troubled by deceit Says the world is not so neat   Being nice is no good

This is a tribute to Mumbai Diggiters – the Mumbai chapter of our mammoth group of Diggiters across the world. We met recently and what I learnt was certainly more than SEO. The SEO Meet So finally here is The one breaking news That when we all met To give and get I learnt quite […]

As I walk to the Temple I see  trees careening I hear birds crooning As I walk to the Temple I listen to the sounds of early morning I view the splendour of His Abode As I walk to the Temple I let life in! -@dimple_kaul

Ups and downs Life sends our way Fuels Emotions light n dark Deep shadow play!   How highs and lows Can fill one day Joy springs from tears Despite nay say   If only we could pause and think In the rigmarole of the worldly whirlwind   Hear the voice calling out loud and clear […]