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It was one of those days… When the unfolding of certain events makes you wonder about the blur between the real and the virtual. When you witness the same old subtle threats of real life being extended in the virtual world. When the gang of “Intellectual yet Idiot” members  who believe that they have some supernatural powers […]

धीमी धीमी धिम्मिवाद की घिर आई निशा है काली भारत सुत कहे गर्व से #Istandwithबलशाली चलचित्र की लीला चाहे बदलना यों इतिहास वीरांगनाओं के जौहर का करने को इच्छुक परिहास पद्मावत को काव्य बताते हबीब आरिफ़-ए-माज़ी खिलजी की पैरवी में हिन्द सपूत है काज़ी अभिव्यक्ति की स्वतंत्रता लादती सत्य का भारी बोझ ग़ज़वा-ए-हिंद थी सच्चाई […]

Academic Hinduphobia Going Mainstream Introduction Last weekend while firming our plans for Inferno, we chanced upon an article. We could not help reading it with uninterrupted amusement, for, right from the click-bait headline to the nearly 900 words that followed, the post was full of apparent errors! Despite being used to the masalafication of mainstream media, […]

These lines were penned in June after the Kairana incident came to light. Though MSM has tried to give this news a burial, the recent NHRC probe report (September 2016) reveals that the Exodus from Kairana did take place. कैराना – हिजरत कब तक Play to Listen सुना एक और घर आज मकान में हुआ तबदील के चाहें तो […]