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As a persecuted member of a minority community that is not even considered a minority and consequently, has never been taken cognisance of, by the chest-beating, human rights citing Liberals, when I see the state of MSM i.e., ‘media-sanctioned minorities’  in India ,I wonder what are people even talking about! Media sanctioned minorities are the […]

Continued from here 27th of November 2016 It has been more than two months and 20 posts, since I wrote another piece in this series of healing! Six of those twenty posts being somehow or the other related to Kashmir are enough proof that this series has been lurking in an alcove of my mind […]

Kashmir Kya Chahta-Azaadi! I just finished reading one desperate ‘address to nation’ by someone whose misplaced sense of self-importance appears to be clouding his judgement and memory. The latter could be failing as he is cruising the eighth decade of his life, no doubt, extended by the excellent medical care that Indian taxpayers have provided […]

शुद्ध शारदा देश से शुभ्र शारदा का पलायन शरद ऋतु के प्रवेश से शोणित घाटी का कण कण   आतंकी हिंसा बर्बरता अंतराल-हीन अवहेलना असीमित अमानवीयता असंख्य घाव झेलना   कुंठित उदासीन कंस सरीखे पल क्रंधन सप्तक में तल्लीन काल का कोलाहल   स्मृति पटल पर दौड़ता सर्प सा वो चित्र सनसनी सा कौंधता सौ […]

If you haven’t followed this series from the beginning, you might want to read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 first. 6th of August 2016 When the last post of this series got published towards the end of a busy Monday, I was reeling from the remnants of a weekend fever (literal not figurative). […]

आप शंभू प्रथम स्वर जीवन का मृत्यु का तुम ही हो  आलाप शंभू वर हो अमृत का

Continued from here May 8th 2016 #BharatMataKiJai The last post in this series appeared ages ago! On the Republic Day, to be exact! This, despite me promising to keep things coming at regular intervals. What do I say in my defence? I was completely caught up in the wedding celebration of my dearest cousin in […]

Continued from here Jan 26th 2016 #Happy Republic Day Happy Republic Day, my beloved Nation! Even as a kid I needed no coaxing to watch the Republic Day parade. Watching the Shraddhanjali offered at Amar Jawan Jyoti, the Salami by Rashtrapati Angrakshak,the playing of the National Anthem, the brilliant march past by our valiant soldiers […]

An uncharacteristically long series of posts – but then so has been the pain, anguish, silence and wait! 19th Jan 2016 An Exercise to Exorcise This post , or call it what you will, has been brimming in my mind and heart for ages – waiting to be penned down but never seeing the light […]