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8 yrs old Saffie Rose Roussos is no more. Is she someone important, you wonder? Yes, absolutely. For her parents, friends and family as long as she was alive. And more so, now, for the many milestones she did not live to see. This child left for her heavenly abode in such an untimely manner, […]

The inspiration for this heavily inspired rhyme  came from one of the sane voices from Kashmir – the voice that wants lasting peace and knows that the current situation in Kashmir is not what the ‘alleged’ Freedom fighters are claiming it to be. His last name being the same as the Hindi/Sanskrit word for Voice makes it […]

Kashmir Kya Chahta-Azaadi! I just finished reading one desperate ‘address to nation’ by someone whose misplaced sense of self-importance appears to be clouding his judgement and memory. The latter could be failing as he is cruising the eighth decade of his life, no doubt, extended by the excellent medical care that Indian taxpayers have provided […]