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Play to listen   Partition of the Motherland Purely on religious divide With contrition AWOL You took it in your stride   What happened In the land of 5 rivers Down your spine Did not send any shivers   In the Valley of the Rishis Rapes, killings, plunder You dismissed it nonchalantly As a political […]

These lines were penned in June after the Kairana incident came to light. Though MSM has tried to give this news a burial, the recent NHRC probe report (September 2016) reveals that the Exodus from Kairana did take place. कैराना – हिजरत कब तक Play to Listen सुना एक और घर आज मकान में हुआ तबदील के चाहें तो […]

Haider : The One True Chutzpah! From the time the open letter, endorsed by the eminent director, Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj (among others), published in many Newspapers before the Lok Sabha election, got unearthed (again!), there has been a lot of noise around the movie. In these times where ‘badnaam hue toh bhi naam toh hoga’ […]