Worshipping False Gods

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Book on The Parliamentary System

Took on Missionaries in India

Showed who were Harvesting Our Souls

Rode into The World of Fatwas or the Sharia in Action

Recounted Hindu Temples – What Happened to Them

Documented The Ayodhya Reference

Pondered on A Secular Agenda: For Saving Our Country

Wondered Where Will All This Take Us

Sensitised us about the Freedom of expression 

Emphasised that We Must Have No Price

Now Misinterprets Symptoms of Fascism

Embittered into Self Deception

Indulging in Indian Controversies

He who wrote on Hinduism: Essence and Consequence

Does He Know a Mother’s Heart?

Read his speculation on Two Saints

Are We Deceiving Ourselves Again

Or is the Eminent Historian

Desperately Falling Over Backwards

Worshipping False Gods