Academic Hinduphobia Going Mainstream


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  1. Peeyush raj says:

    Excellent information about this and great job, keep providing such crucial information regularly, thanks a lot

  2. R S Chakravarti says:

    A mosque was built in Kodungallur, Kerala, in the year 629. There was no violence or hostility involved.

  3. Aram says:

    Great job @dimple and @trueIndology as usual

  4. Gaurav Pandit says:

    Brilliant! This is exactly what we need-placing facts before propaganda (of any kind). My only wish is that why didn’t you address the post to the Indian express article author and challenge him to the facts.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Abhishek Singh says:

    Nice article, Dimple Ji.
    How come the majority of Indians have started looking back to our history without wearing ‘left’, secular and euro-centric glasses?

    If ex-Hindus want to come back ‘home’, what caste will they be assigned to? That’s the biggest question I have.

  6. vs says:

    great.. keep up the good work dimple..

  7. Davendra Singh says:

    Centre of world(in those times, from Syria to Indonesia) was civilization of Kuru Shetra which developed around Delhi & later spread from Greater Punjab to Sindh & Gujrat. This civilization drastically weakened & damaged by a great Earthquake (probably between 100 BC to 300AD) in which Saraswati vanished. The movement of Romas in Europe, the rise of Sanatan Dharm in the East of this centre & the rise of Islam in the west from this centre, are all linked to vanishing of River Saraswati. A research on this hypothesis will unravel the mystery behind rise & formation of Islam

  8. Jaydip says:

    Excellent article with references, no imagination, just facts. Well done!!

  9. Anand Kulkarni says:

    Pretty good analysis. Probably first time I am impressed by writing on this side. This is what should be done – step by step analysis with evidence to debunk the nonsense while accepting the realities, instead of shouting to rooftop.

    Keep it going.

  10. More power to you and others in setting things straight. Much needed and urgently too. Media mafia has had a long long innings corrupting gullible Hindu minds with falsehoods and spin, to the extent most ‘educated’ Hindus are ashamed of their rich culture and heritage.

  11. nikunj patel says:

    Excellent article!
    The ONLY reason we see crowds at Durgah is that all of them are unaware of the real history of these Sufis. I remember, whenever I ask anybody about’why he/she went to the Durgah’ or something about Ajmer’s reality, they don’t know anything.
    I have talked to many Indians (within India and abroad), and they sound like not knowing the History.

    Thanks a lot Dimple and True Indology for insightful article.

  12. Cai says:

    Excellent rebuttal!! Nowadays everyone other than Indians profess expertise n conveniently define India as per his/her gains calculation. Waiting for a response from the original author to the facts detailed here. Now i know this state sponsored hajj drama..why do we still carry this “tradition”?? I had hoped PM Modi wd start with shutting off all these appeasements but instead hes giving out replicas of a mosque as pointed out by @Sree Nair….whats the pride in giving saudis a symbol of their invasion n conquer on us?? Arent we “celebrating “our own destruction and our own genocide thru their bloody hands???
    This typical hindu fallacy of not acting on time still flows thru our blood that allows foreigners of all types to rule and crush us. High time we change our attitude of looking at principles laid down by our dharma n become seekers n not submitters.

    • Dimple says:

      Thanks!Yes, we need to change our attitude and start first by educating ourselves about our history and heritage and be unapologetic about who we are.

  13. harshami says:

    Excellent article!

  14. Nivas says:

    Great article full of good adds and research…love it

  15. This is an excellent rebuttal! I just loved the line where you say that many Indians visiting Sufi shrines indicates their ignorance or their attitude of moving on – forgiving and forgetting. Ever since I read about how Sufis were involved in forcible conversions of Sanatanis, I have a distaste for their music and literature…I have yet to learn to move on:|.

    Some days back on a shrieking TV show, I managed to hear a moulvi/mulla/muslim priest say that using government subsidy for Hajj is not considered as going on Hajj by pure Muslims…I think he said according to the Koran but I am not sure…apparently they must use their own hard-earned money to go on Hajj only then it is valid and fruitful…so then how come so many of them avail the subsidy, huh?

    • Dimple says:

      Thanks for your kind words and the elaborate response! There is so much that we have to say on this particular subject and we might – some day,one day! Perhaps,there is more that needs to be told. Watch this space for more :)…

  16. Sree Nair says:

    Well researched article. Well written.!
    But just one error. The first mosque in India is not in sindh as described by you it is in fact Kodungallur Cherman Mosque, in Kerala. It was bult in 629 AD by Malik Dinar an Arab propagater of Islam.. A golden replica of that mosque was gifted by our P.M.Shri Narendra Modi to Saud King during the recent visit.

  17. Vishal says:

    Super awesome written! You just ripped all the inconsistencies apart! I loved the way you proceeded, picked up point by point and cited indubitable evidences. Thank you for this amazing work.. you are doing a great service to this nation! Ignorance of truth about our past, and the hypocrisy of a certain academic section seriously need ‘parishkar’ now before they pollute another Indian generation with their malacious agendas!
    Is there no law to sue such writers!? Who is accountable for the intentional harm they are doing to people’s knowledge, and even to communal harmony in the nation. The poison of wrong knowledge which they pour in can build up to serious consequences one day.. which is already evident in an ‘elitist academic’ section who have apathy towards anything Indian/Hindu/traditional.

    Kudos to you and your work! I search for meaningful and writers to learn about the correct backgrounds to current developments since my experience of reading Hindu, and IndianExpress has convinced me enough that they show half-truths and their choice of writers is totally biased. Though online there are writers like you, few sites, but I have never read such strong-worded evidence-based political articles in the mainstream newspapers.

    Hope you overthrow the Editors of these leading dailies one day and further the national cause, the cause which will benefit all beyond their religion, caste, class!

    Best Wishes
    Vishal Dewan

    • Dimple says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Vishal.
      I have had the good fortune of working with an amazing co-author @TrueIndology who believes in placing evidence without any bias.
      We are planning to write a series of ‘stories for kids’ which will talk about unsung, great sons and daughters of India.This is our humble effort to acquaint the younger generation with our past.

      • Nikunj says:

        The ‘stories for kids’- I will be eagerly waiting for the series.
        I am living in USA and volunteering in a temple for kids activities. I always talk about the great sons/daughters of Bharat to the new generation.

        I think the new series will definitely help me.

        Thanks a lot to both of you.

        • Dimple says:

          We are glad that you find this idea exciting.
          The first story might be out soon.
          You would appreciate the kind of time and efforts it takes to write each one.
          We would certainly want to churn out posts faster than people can read but then… 🙂

  18. Mahendra says:

    Awesome article.!!

  19. SRIHArsha says:

    Excellent analysis!!👍

  20. Social Causes says:

    Excellent analysis!

  21. hemant sant says:

    @AlizayJaffer Indo-Pak-problem since100yrs has been few Muslims think they r Abdalis Timurlangs Born2 impose AllahKaNizam on converts/kafirs

    • Dimple says:

      Some self-serving historians have perpetuated that myth and that is what we are battling with, as a nation. People of common ancestry not realizing the ploy of those with an agenda, is such a pity!

  22. Arul Kumar says:

    Superb and enlightening

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